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Table 2 Derivations and definitions of accuracy requirement for autonomous driving

From: Indoor navigation: state of the art and future trends

Reference Analysis of accuracy requirement of autonomous cars
Research (Basnayake et al. 2010) Within 5 m, within 1.5 m, and within 1.0 m for which-road, which-lane, and where-in-lane, respectively, in V2X applications
Report (NHTSA 2017) 1.5 m (1 sigma, 68%) tentatively for lane-level information for safety applications
Research (Reid et al. 2019) For passenger vehicles operating, the bounds of lateral and longitudinal position errors are respectively 0.57 m (95% probability in 0.20 m) and 1.40 m (95% probability in 0.48 m) on freeway roads, and both 0.29 m (95% probability in 0.10 m) on local streets
Research (Levinson and Thrun 2010) Centimeter positioning accuracy with Mean Square Error (MSE) within 10 cm is sufficiently accurate for public roads
Report (Agency 2019) The accuracy of autonomous driving to be within 20 cm in horizontal and within 2 m in height
Research (Stephenson 2016) Active vehicle control in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications require an accuracy better than 0.1 m
Industry (Nvidia 2020) The goal is centimeter-level