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Table 1 The rank deficiencies information, including involved parameters, sizes, and S-basis for PPP–RTK network

From: Investigating GNSS PPP–RTK with external ionospheric constraints

Rank deficiency involved parameter Size S-basis
\({\text{d}}t_{r}\) and \({\text{d}}t^{s}\) 1 \({\text{d}}t_{p}\)
\(B_{r,i}^{{}}\) and \(B_{i}^{s}\) f \(B_{p,i}^{{}}\)
\(b_{r,i}^{{}}\) and \(b_{i}^{s}\) f \(b_{p,i}^{{}}\)
\({\text{d}}t_{r \ne p}\), \(B_{r \ne p,i}^{{}}\), and \(d_{r \ne p,i}^{{}}\) n-1 \(B_{{r \ne p,{\text{IF}}}}^{{}}\)
\({\text{d}}t^{s}\), \(B_{i}^{s}\), and \(b_{i}^{s}\) m \(B_{{{\text{IF}}}}^{s}\)
\(b_{i}^{s}\) and \(N_{r,i}^{s}\) f·m \(N_{p,i}^{s}\)
\(b_{r \ne p,i}^{{}}\) and \(N_{r \ne p,i}^{s}\) f·(n-1) \(N_{r \ne p,i}^{q}\)
\(T_{r}^{s}\) and \({\text{d}}t^{s}\) 1 \(T_{p}^{s}\)
\(I_{r,i}^{s}\), \(B_{r \ne p,i}^{{}}\), and \(b_{r \ne p,i}^{{}}\) n-1 \(B_{{r \ne p,{\text{GF}}}}^{{}}\)
\(I_{r,i}^{s}\), \(B_{i}^{s}\), and \(b_{i}^{s}\) m \(B_{{{\text{GF}}}}^{s}\)